Friday, October 9, 2009

#14 Name Dropping

(Actual conversation)

Guy: "So I was hanging out with Jeremy Piven last week. . .and then we hit up Greenhouse and met up with Wilmer, yeah, man, it was totally hot, free bottles all around. . .but anyways, so back to what I was saying. . ."

Girl: ?????????

Despite the fact the no one gives a shit about Wilmer Valderrama (when was he last relevant? 2004?!  All his cash money's got to be gone by now), some dudes need to keep their status sounding high in the party scene, even if they don't actually party. It's all about the illusion, or, rather, delusions  of grandeur. The dudes may think that with these connections they may be scoring some sweet, young ass, but we really don't care about whose dick they've been sucking.  

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