Tuesday, October 13, 2009

#18 Rat Tails

This is some freaky shit.

Even as second-graders back in the day, learning about punctuation, doodling in Lisa Frank notebooks, secretly playing with Polly Pockets inside your desk (you know it!), and being generally wholesome, the sight of a well-developed, healthy rat tail peeking over someone's Power Rangers sweatshirt inspired frantic terror, fear, and unadulterated disgust.

Somewhere out there a little girl took a look across the classroom, put down that pencil, and thought, "Oh, hell NO!"

Let's fast forward fifteen years, and that feeling remains ever so true. Minus the Power Rangers sweats and plus an Insane Clown Posse tee, the rat tail perpetuates as a distinctive mark of the trailer park. This lil' prepubescent bro of the mullet surfaces at the least likely moments, at highway rest stops, Wal-marts, and in the wilds of middle America, but once in awhile in a bodega on Avenue B.

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