Thursday, October 1, 2009

# 8 Chest Hair/No Chest Hair

Here at dealbreakers HQ, the discussion of chest hair versus no chest hair has exploded into a fierce debate. What is more of a dealbreaker? Too much chest hair leads one into gorilla territory while none at all hearkens of being too high maintenance/Looking Like Son (#36 on our dealbreaker list). While it seems that the only options for ladies are either Geico caveman or Fabio, we beg to differ. It's all about moderation. A well-tended/cultivated chest of hair conjures up feelings of experience and maturity. Too much and you should be headed to the "Back, Crack, and Sack" waxing/threading place on 14th Street. Too little?Go through puberty/stop the bitchassness and bid adieu to your favorite waxer/start a gardening project.

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