Monday, November 16, 2009

#24 Puma Track Jackets

Usually a garment seen on the backs of our European brethren (see #20 for more details), the satin Puma track jacket is often chosen by a particular bro for it's  "sporty elegance." However, it is most commonly (and actually) seen on groups of two or three Murray Hill bros slumming it up with the plebeians at rooftop Brooklyn raves. Where there's one, there's others, and oftentimes, the level of Puma track jacket group-hug beer chug bromance reaches the point where they meld together as one continuous Puma-clad mass. And yes, sometimes the love's so strong, they can't resist kissing the other on the cheek. . .proving once and all that the strongest bonds of love between two bros can never be broken. 

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