Monday, November 16, 2009

#26 Looks Like Dad

In order to adequately describe Looks Like Dad, we must share a story from our daily lives as Dealbreaker connoisseurs.

Once upon a time on the Lower East Side, two girls were invited to a party by a host they did not know so well. When they got to the party, lotsa beer and good cheer in tow, they were greeted with a ghastly vision: RECEDING HAIRLINE. SWEATER VEST. NEW BALANCES. SNARKY GRIN. And, most horrendous of all, THE COMB FORWARD. We stood there wondering how the fourth-cousin of the Donald Trump comb-forward manifested itself on someone who had looked so cute in their Facebook profile picture, and yet, realized, he Looked Like Dad. Oh, and didn't appreciate the beer we had brought. Asshole. What a buzzkill. 

Looks Like Dad is a curious syndrome the occurs to those under the age of 27, and incidentally, they end up looking 47, and not in a good way. Visual cues include: thinning hair, high-water khakis, weird moccasin/slipper/loafer/Croc footwear situations, burgeoning Z-axises , and a weird way of making you feel like you broke curfew and should apologize for it. In essence, the poopiest of party poopers. 

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